01 Oct

Evoluent – Vertical Mouse Review

I used to be a Web Developer. Not the kind I am now, where I post a blog here or there, but a real, true-blue coder. I loved it, until I didn’t anymore. When I was working at the computer eight or more hours per day, I found ways to increase my efficiency. I used keyboard short-cuts, like Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+V to paste. I also used the mouse way more than I used the keyboard. This was efficient, but it made my right thumb and upper back hurt. I was introduced to the Evoluent Vertical Mouse and it made a world of difference for me. This post is a review of the Evoluent Vertical Mouse.

Product Description: Evoluent Vertical Mouse
Options: Right-hand corded or wireless, Left-hand corded or wireless, Right-handed corded or wireless Small version
Price: $136.50 (without shipping from Evoluent.ca)
Cheapest Place to Buy: amazon.ca (when free shipping is available, otherwise, from Evoluent.ca)
My Rating: 8/10

Think about how you shake someone’s hand. You reach Evoluent Vertical Mouseforward with your palm facing in towards your body. This is how a vertical mouse works, which is anatomically correct for your shoulder, arm and hand. A typical mouse has your hand rotated to face down towards your desk. This causes the forearm, from your elbow to your wrist, to pronate in order to allow the palm to face down. If you try this movement yourself, you will notice the elbow lifting slightly and floating away from the body as the hand faces down. This alters the alignment of your shoulder, hence why I used to experience upper back pain, in the centre of my shoulder blades, more on my right side, while operating a regular mouse.

There are many vertical mice on the market. I have only used the Evoluent Vertical Mouse. I appreciate this mouse as it comes right- and left-handed, corded, wireless, and in regular and small (for little hands). The mouse has a scroll wheel, three buttons on your palm side, and two additional buttons on the thumb side of the mouse. All the buttons can be programmed to do the functions that you choose. There’s also a little shelf on the mouse that does not allow the pinky finger to drag on the desk or mouse pad during operation.

The biggest pro for me when I switched to this mouse, was the pain relief in both my thumb and shoulder. The mouse is ergonomically built to fit in the hand, so it is quite comfortable to operate.

With any product, there are cons. I experienced two cons with this mouse. First, since it is in a hand shake position, it can take some getting used to. Second, if you were in the habit of switching your mouse back and forth between your left and right hands, you can no longer do that as it is specifically shaped for a chosen hand. The only other con I see with this mouse is that a small version is not available for the left-hand. The price is much more expensive than a typical mouse, but if you are experiencing any pain from mousing, the cost is worth the pain relief.

If you are planning to switch to a different mouse, I would recommend that you pop into your local computer store and actually handle a few of the different mice to get an idea of what is comfortable for you. I personally recommend the Evoluent Vertical Mouse as I have used it. In general, I recommend any vertical mouse that is comfortable for you as it creates a more favorable and anatomically correct position for your upper body.
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