24 Aug

Balancing the Chakras

As a yoga student and teacher, I have become fascinated with the Chakra (pronounced Chuckru) system. The Chakras are described as centres of energy along the mid-line of the body. We have seven major Chakras running along the spine, from the tailbone up to the top of the head.

Where are the Chakras?

Crown (violet): above the top of the headsilhouette of man in lotus pose with 7 coloured chakras

Third Eye (indigo): between the eyebrows

Throat (blue): above the collarbone

Heart (green): centre of the chest

Solar Plexus (yellow): above the belly button

Sacral (orange): centre of the pelvis

Root (red): at the tailbone

When we are suffering from headaches, it is likely that we have too much energy in our heads. Emotionally, we can be stressed, over-thinking, anxious or worried. This can lead to an abundance of activity in the upper body, and a lack of energy in the lower body. By balancing the Chakras, we may be able to alleviate the throbbing sensations in our head by allowing energy to flow more freely.

How do I balance my Chakras?

There are many schools of thought on this. Chakra balancing is something that should be done regularly, not only when we feel head or neck pain. One technique is to picture the Chakras as balanced, glowing balls, of equal size, filled with brilliant coloured light.

  • Sit or lie down comfortably.
  • Imagine a clear glass bulb at the tailbone, glowing with a shimmering red light. See the colour as pure and clean, illuminating the tissues and organs around the tailbone and down the legs. Allow your body to be grounded to this physical planet and know that you are fully supported and cared for here.
  • Move up to the sacrum, in the centre of the pelvis. See a clear glass bulb here. Imagine the bulb glowing with a bright orange light that heals and balances the organs, tissues, and muscles around the pelvis. Allow this light to heal your closest relationships.
  • See a clear glass bulb above your belly button filled with the yellow light of the sun. Gratefully request the light to cleanse and heal the digestive system and other organs in this area. Allow your confidence and personal power to thrive.
  • Picture a clear glass bulb filled with emerald green light at your heart centre. Request that the light expand down the arms and into the hands. Allow the light to expand the love you give to yourself and others.
  • See a clear glass bulb filled with sky blue light at the throat. Ask the light to heal and cleanse the thyroid gland and allow you to always speak your truth.
  • Picture a clear glass bulb filled with dark purple or indigo light in the centre of the forehead. Make sure this bulb is of equal size to all of the other glass bulbs. Allow the light to provide you with any information or guidance you require to live your life on purpose.
  • See a clear glass bulb just above the top of your head. Fill the bulb with a diamond white or violet light. Allow the light from above you to cascade down and surround and heal your entire body.
  • Ask that any pain, discomfort, or negativity in the body be released with ease and replaced with peace, joy, and love.

The light within me honours the light within you. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to share them.

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