Many of us assume that the pain we experience is strictly physical. When we are anxious or depressed, is it not uncommon to see those emotions in the physical body? Alternatively, when we are injured physically, do we not allow the pain to affect our emotions?

Excitement in the air.

Think about how we feel at large events, like concerts, fairs or amusement parks, where there are many people around us having an amazing time. Unless we are claustrophobic, we feel the fun and enjoyment in the air. It almost feels like static; the excitement is electric. On the other hand, at a funeral or wake, we feel sadness or loss in the air, or if we are empaths, we literally feel the emotions that those around us are currently experiencing.

Where do headaches really come from?

We are not only physical beings. Metaphysical means ‘beyond the physical’.woman holding her head Can we actually pick up or feel other people’s pain? In the past, my extremely logical left brain would have said ‘Absolutely not’. Then, one day a year or more ago, I was suffering from a pretty severe headache. The pains felt like I had several arrows jabbing in and out of my head. When I moved or spoke, it felt as though the arrows would jiggle around. It had been almost two days, and the pain was not letting up. I finally went to see my chiropractor to help relieve the pressure in my head. She said something to me that was totally perplexing. She said ‘This headache isn’t yours.’

Do we take on more than what is ours?

My chiropractor was trying to tell me that I had literally picked up the headache from someone else. I have always been a people-pleaser but I thought this was beyond the call of duty. Was I really willing to bring physical pain onto myself in order to help someone else? Had I done this by accident, or on purpose? Could I learn how to do it again, and more importantly learn how not to?

We must open our minds to more than the physical.

Since then, I have done a lot of research on the chakras, the Chinese meridians, tapping, energy healing, and much more. There are many things that may be causing our headaches. If we open our minds to alternative therapies, we may be able to find the root cause.

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One thought on “Metaphysical

  1. Being referred to being an “Empath”, I felt the need to comment on this. I also write a lot on personal development resources and this has brought me new ideas to discuss.

    If you’re not aware, an empath is a person who has a high sensitivity towards others thoughts and emotions. To the very point where my own thoughts and emotions are influenced by it. Certainly a metaphysical experience as you say.

    This is very true in nature, and that I speak for myself. Our minds are highly understood, but we do know that the transfer of data is very similar to that of a modern computer. I don’t believe this data is secluded to hard-wire transfer.

    I’d love to discuss more on this anytime!


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