19 Aug

Dehydration Headaches

When we start our day, we often remember to drink a big glass of water before breakfast, but forget to continue drinking water throughout our day. Pay attention to the days that headaches are experienced. Notice if water intake is minimal on the same day, or the day before, the onset of a headache.

Where is your headache pain?

When we have a dehydration headache, we likely experience pain or pressure across the centre of our foreheads. We may also feel tight muscles and tension that climbs up the back of our necks. It’s possible that adding more water throughout our day can help alleviate this pain, or prevent it.

How much water should I drink?Woman drinking from water glass

This is a difficult question to answer. Since the human adult body is approximately 70% water, we certainly need it. We should aim for a minimum of 2 litres (eight 8-ounce glasses) of water per day. If we exercise, are breast feeding, or live in hot or humid climates, we may need to drink 3 litres per day.

Can I drink other fluids instead of water?

Maybe. If we are drinking alcohol, or caffeinated drinks such as pop or coffee, we should have a glass of water for every drink we have. Alcohol and caffeinated drinks are both diuretics, which mean they have dehydrating tendencies, as they try to remove water from the body. To avoid dehydration, and possibly dehydration headaches, we should drink more water. If we are drinking sugary items, such as fruit juices, we may need to drink extra water to keep our sugar and salt levels in balance.

Can I drink too much water?

Silouette of person bent over drinking from a water fountainYes. Too much water in the body is called ‘water intoxication’ and causes the cells to swell. The issue tends to be caused by drinking too much water all at one time. This can happen in babies, if their formula is too watered down, or in marathon runners or outdoor workers who have lost too many electrolytes during excessive sweating and re-hydrate with plain water. To avoid this, electrolytes need to be ingested with water. Try adding a bit of honey and a pinch of sea salt to water.

When should I drink water?

Start with a glass upon awakening. Try to sip water throughout the day. When we experience a sensation of dry or chapped lips or a dry mouth, we may be experiencing early signs of dehydration. Try to drink water 20-minutes before meals, and wait for 30-60 minutes after meals to begin sipping again. Drinking water with meals may dilute digestive enzymes required to break down food. To avoid dehydration, and the possibility of dehydration headaches, consume at least some water each day.

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